Leather handbag WERWER FUCSIA UNO


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WERWER FUCSIA UNO leather handbag, made of genuine fuchsia full-grain leather, half of the flap is decorated with unique, colourful "mola" fabric pattern. Mola is a traditional fabric hand-embroidered by the Kuna Indians inhabiting the area of the Gulf of Uraba in Colombia. Meticulously finished, the bag can be closed with a zipper and a magnetic clip and has practical inside pockets. The strap can be easily adjusted as appropriate. The linen is made of synthetic material. "Werwer" means a toucan in the Kuna language. This type perfectly suits active women who love to combine comfort and colourful elegance. The handbag has been made entirely of high quality materials in a family-run leatherware workshop in Colombia.

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Height32 cm
Width32 cm
Depth2 cm
Country of originColombia
MaterialCowhide, cotton (Mola pattern)

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